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Carroll County Tennessee

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History of Carroll County Tennessee
 Extracted from Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee 1887 . Historical and Biographical sketches.

 64 pages




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These roving bands of outlaws committed several most brutal and fiendish murders within the county. Since the war the people have become reconciled to the results thereof, and with manifest forgiveness for past offenses, are now peaceable, happy and prosperous. The records of the chancery court were nearly all destroyed during the war, while all the other county records were well preserved.

Towns and Merchants

            Samuel Ingram and John Gwin each built a dwelling house on the site of Huntingdon before it became the seat of justice for the county, and John Crockett, the first merchant of the place, built his storehouse on what is now the public square, before the town was surveyed.

 Other early merchants of Huntingdon were Robert Murray, Ennis Ury and Amer Lake & Co. The first physicians were Jacob White, Robert Nicholson, Gabriel Norman and Dr. Hogg. Thomas Ross located the first tanyard in the town. The merchants during the thirties were those already named, and Clark & Morrison, Everett & Bullard, Edmund Grizzard, G. W. Grizzard and others. After 1840 Thomas K. Wiley and Thomas Hall became merchants of the place, and they and some of those already named continued in business until the beginning of the civil war, when all mercantile business was suspended and remained so until the war closed. When peace was restored, A. R. Hall, Allen & Dougherty, Joseph McCracken and A. C. MeNeal & Co. were the first merchants to resume business.

 The present business and business men of the town are as follows: Dry goods, Joseph McCracken, S. N. Williams, Priest & Son, J. C. McNeal and Carter & Priest; family groceries, Lee Brothers, E. G. Ridgeley, J. Finley, Frank Johnson and W. T. Warren; drugs, C. P. Priestley and Dr. John Threadgill; hardware, Samuel Hendricks. In addition to the above there is the milliner store of Mrs. Mollie Grizzard, two jewelry stores, two livery stables, two undertaker’s shops, one tin shop, one meat shop, one wagon and other mechanics’ shops, and three drinking saloons. The hotels are the Easen House, Ownsby House and Brown House. There is a grist-mill, sawmill, planing-mill, stave factory and shingle-mill all combined, and the proprietors, Wilder & Dalton, do an extensive business. There is also the steam cotton-gin of J. F. Leach & Co. which gins and puts up from ten to twelve bales of cotton per day. The benevolent societies are the Masonic Fraternity, K. of H. and Golden Cross. The religious denominations are Southern Methodist, Cumberland Presbyterian and Christian. The latter has no church edifice. The colored people have three churches: Methodist,


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