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Judge Flandrau and the Defense of New Ulm
 During The Sioux Outbreak of 1862

Written by Maj. Salmon A. Buell

Report originally from around 1899.

Topics are:

First News of the Outbreak

  • Organization of Volunteers For Defense Flandrau As Commander And His Staff
  • New Ulm As A Strategic Point
  • Scouting Expeditions
  • Beginning of the Battle on Saturday
  • Number of the Sioux Engaged in The Attack
  • Later Part of The Battle
  • Instances of Bravery
  • Night of Anxiety
  • The Battle Continued on Sunday
  • Arrival of Reinforcements
  • Care of The Sick and Wounded
  • Evacuation of New Ulm
  • Comparison Of The Battles Of The Indian War
  • Advantages Gained By The Defense Of New Ulm
  • 42 pages


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    The occupants of the town were principally engaged in defending it against the attack at the upper end. Where they had already built a barricade across Minnesota street, the principal one of the town, and running about parallel with the general course of the river. Some parties, however, under the superintendence of Samuel Coffin, of Swan Lake, Nicollet county, were building another barricade across the same street lower down, so as to include the most densely built portion between the two.

    Upon consultation by Henry A. Swift and some of the leading citizens of the place, as D. G. Shillock, John C. Rudolph, Charles Wagner, Peter Sherer, Captain Nix, John Hauenstein. and others equally prominent, but whose names the writer cannot now recall, with the Boardman party, it was deemed advisable to send another messenger to Captain Flandrau. L. M. Boardman had the best horse and then in best condition, and volunteered for this dangerous service. The only route left was by the upper ferry, abreast the town, but about half a mile distant over low ground. He started at once, and some Indians could be seen running from the lower end of the town, across this low ground, toward the ferry which he was trying to reach, and firing occasionally at him. Luckily, however, as they had to keep out of gunshot of the town, they could not reach him, and he crossed the ferry in safety.

    A wounded refugee had been left in a house in the extreme lower end of the town. At the request of D. G. Shillock, of New Ulm, one of the Boardman party, mounted, raised a squad of volunteer footmen, and accompanied Shillock to bring the wounded man within the barricade. This man, though badly wounded about the body, was able to walk slowly, with the help of Shillock and another. The Indians fired on this party several times, but at too long distance for execution, being kept down behind a ridge of ground by the counter fire of the whites. The wounded man was brought in safely. This was a short time before sunset.


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