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Carter County Tennessee

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History of Carter County Tennessee
 Extracted from Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee 1887
 Historical and Biographical sketches.

28 pages




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Elizabethton where he has succeeded remarkably. In 1868 he married Sallie M., the daughter of William T. Dowell a Methodist minister. She died in 1869, and May 7, l873; Senorita V., a daughter of H. H. Lutz, became his wife. She was born in Virginia November 6, 1851. Their children are an infant son, born January 31, 1874, and deceased February 2, 1874, Henry F., born December 7, 1874; Maggie, born April 3, 1877, Edwin C., born February 3, 1879; Sarah, born September 5, 1881, and deceased September 5, 1883; and Nannie, born October 30, 1888, and deceased June 23, 1886. He and his wife are Methodists.

       G. A. Anderson, a farmer, was born in Carter County, August 17, 1849, the son of John A. and Elizabeth (Swingle) Anderson, the former born in Carter County, December 17, 1823, and is a farmer. Isaac and Elizabeth (McInturll) Anderson, the parents, were natives of Tennessee, the former, of Irish origin and the latter of German. J. A., the eldest child, has always been a farmer and stock raiser, and in 1845 married, but the mother died in 1856. In 1858 he married Mary A., a daughter of Solomon Jones, and has three sons and one daughter. He owns 250 acres. Our subject was educated at Milligan College and has always followed farming, trading and stock raising. July 12, 1876, he married Molly Crockett. Their only child is Elizabeth. The mother died in August 1877, and February 8, 1882, he married Ida L., a daughter of George T. Anderson, and born February 2, 1856, in Georgia. Johnnie B. and Addie M. are their children. Our subject and wife are Methodists, and he is a man who prefers private life.

       Capt. James I. H. Boyd, was born near Gap Creek, Carter County, May 29, 1821, the son of John and Mary (Tipton) Boyd, the former born in North Carolina in 1783, the son of William Boyd, a native of North Carolina, and a captain of light horse soldiers in the Revolution. William Boyd married Rebecca Porter, and removed between 1785 and 1790, settling at Gap Creek, as a pioneer. The first deed on record after Tennessee became a State and in Carter County was made to him by William Sharp. In 1823 a powder-mill explosion killed him. John, the father, was a farmer and died August 19, 1873, and the mother was born in 1785, the daughter of Samuel Tipton, of Virginia, and a pioneer of Carter County. He was the son of John Tipton of the John Sevier difficulty fame; she died in Springfield, Ill., in 1856. Our subject grew up on the farm, and even when twenty years old could not read a verse in the Bible correctly after having attended a few schools in log cabin school houses. In 1843 he attended school four months at Holston


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