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Goodhue County Minnesota History

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Early Days in Goodhue County
Written by Gen. Lucius F. Hubbard around 1905
 Topic headings are:
  • Period of Occupation by The French
  • The First Protestant Missionaries
  • Earliest Towns and Agricultural Settlements
  • Founding Hamline University
  • Incorporation of the City of Red Wing
  • Founding the Red Wing Republican
  • The Financial Depression of 1857
  • Restoration of Property
  • Service of Goodhue County Men in The Civil War
  • Some Early Citizens of This County.

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    The practical result of this outburst of patriotic enthusiasm was the enrollment of a company of 114 men, which within a week was on its way under the lead of that grim old veteran, Col. William Colvill, to Fort Snelling for muster into the military service of the United States. Within another week a second company was enrolled and tendered to Governor Ramsey, but it was required to wait until a second regiment was authorized before it could be accepted. In every succeeding call for volunteers Goodhue county responded with numbers generally exceeding her quota, and was thus represented in every organization save two that was raised in the state during the war. The final record of her patriotic tender to the cause of the Union was a total of 1,508 men mustered into the military service from a population of 8,977, or one man in every six of the population, including men, women, and children. Included in the number who bore commissions there were four colonels, one lieutenant colonel, and three majors, all of whom rose to these ranks through subordinate grades; eighteen captains, twenty lieutenants, one surgeon, and one chaplain.

    The drain of the war upon the population and resources of Minnesota, in conjunction with the paralyzing effect of the Indian outbreak of 1862 and its consequent desolation of her frontier, proved a serious check to the continued development of all interests throughout the state, and Goodhue county of course shared in this condition. Recovery from the depression thus produced was for a time exceedingly slow. The atmosphere, however, had been cleared. The integrity of the Government had been vindicated, and its permanence was assured by the removal forever of the cause that had so often threatened its existence. The Indian problem had been solved in a manner that rendered impossible any recurrence of the conditions which unsettled life and made it precarious upon the frontier. These considerations infused into the situation a feeling of security and confidence in the future, which had a powerful influence in the rehabilitation of the country. Its recovery came, prosperity returned, and the wonderful development followed that has given us the imperial commonwealth in which we so greatly rejoice today.

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