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Giles County Tennessee

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History of Giles County Tennessee
 Extracted from Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee 1887 .
 Historical and Biographical sketches.

 68 pages




to the Penitentiary for three years for perjury. In 1853 William Hall was sent up for two years on a charge and conviction of malicious stabbing; in 1855 Martin, a slave, was convicted of murder and sentenced to be hung.
       In 1860 N. C. Wisend, for grand larceny, was sent to prison for seven years; in 1865, Samuel Marks, for the same offense, was given ten years; and in 1866 Benjamin Abernathy, Stephen Brown, Jacob Kennedy and Meredith Dabney, for grand larceny, were given terms of imprisonment of three years, one year and seven years, respectively. To 1867 Henry Ars, for stealing a horse, was imprisoned for a term of ten years; Pleasant Beckwith, for murder, in 1868, was sent to prison for one year; and John Lightfoot and George Springer were tried jointly on a charge of larceny and each sent up for three yours; in 1869, Caesar Allen, for larceny, was given one year; James Kelley, for rape, was sent up for fifteen years; and Pleasant Madison, for horse stealing, ten years. In 1870, Sterling Eddins and Harup Mason, for larceny, were each sent to the penitentiary for one year; in 1871, James Montgomery, horse stealing, fifteen years; Lewis Swinnea murder, twenty years; William Allen, larceny, five years; Green Turner, horse stealing, sentenced to be hung; Philip Maples, for administering poison, three years; and Lewis Taylor, larceny, three years. In 1872 Jesse Donaldson, Amanda Abernathy, Virginia Abernathy, Felix White and Richard Collier, for larceny, were given terms of imprisonment ranging from fifteen months to four years, while for murder, Jordan Petty was seat up for four teen years; Jack McGuire, for stealing a horse, twenty-one years; and George Chapman, for forgery, went up for three years. In 1873, John Adams, Isaac Ballentine, Benjamin McDonald and Sterling Eddins, for larceny, were sent to penitentiary for three, one, four and six years, respectively; Andrew G. Downing and Richard Benson were given fifteen and ten years, respectively, for horse stealing. In 1874, William Jones, George Washington and Calvin Rhoades were sent to penitentiary for five, four and seven years, respectively, and for murder Walker Ingram was sent for twenty years, and John O'Connor ten years for horse stealing
       In 1875 Andrew Faran, Claibourn Johnson, James Vance and Fountain Walker were given terms of three, two, three and fifteen years, respectively, for larceny; and for stealing a horse John Caldwell was sent up for twenty years. In 1876, Neil S. Icter, for house-breaking; Andrew Beaty, for forgery; James Powell, house-breaking; and James Bell, C. T. Tramier and Sterling Butler, for larceny, received imprisonment of six months, three years, ten years, two years, fifteen months and four years, respectively. In 1877, James Johnson and Henry Matthews were each sent to the penitentiary for one year for larceny; Mirabeau Clark, ten years for horse stealing; Ralph Garrett, five years for arson; and George Riggan, ten years for house-breaking. In 1878, Arch Brown and Henry Smith were sent to penitentiary for three years each; William Jordan, murder, thirteen years; and George Washington and William Caldwell, eight and six years, respectively, for horse stealing. In 1879 Dick Collier was sent up for eight years on a charge of house-breaking; William Coats, ten years for attempt to poison; and Del Duncan, John Jackson, John Sweeney and Tom Ballentine, for larceny, were given terms of one year each

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